Marianne Gutierrez MFHT

Natural oils

Natural oils

Marianne is fully qualified and insured to practice Remedial Massage, Aromatherapy and is a Teacher of Exercise.  She works from her Treatment Room at home and teaches a Relax Tone and Stretch class near where she lives.  She also uses Rock Tape to support and help heal.

She is fully well from CFS/ME and this website is full of articles about what helped.  She also answers everyone’s emails with any queries about CFS/ME or any other health issue or will point you in a direction for your own research.

Marianne has written a book: Notes on CFS/ME: A happier, healthier lifestyle which is available now.

Marianne has 4 children. All grown and flown the nest. Her sons set up the website to keep her occupied while getting well from CFS/ME.

Check out her Facebook pages: Marianne Gutierrez Tone and Stretch Class  Remedial Massage

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Contact: gutierrez.marianne @ gmail.com

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  1. I found other quotes by David Weatherford and want to get permission to use some on collage cards I am making. Will you please tell me your contact person for getting permission for the beautiful poem you have quoted?
    Thank you for your assistance.

    M. Corinne Biehle

  2. Hi Marianne,

    I just wanted your opinion on the Perrin technique? . I m suffering with CFS and I don’t want to embark on expensive treatments as finances are an issue. I m interested in your book so will try and purchase.



    • Hi Rebekah
      Not sure if you bought my book, but I hope you did. Change your diet to additive free and fresh foods only. Avoid any foods you suspect you cannot tolerate and do the stretch routine that is here on my site. The stretches helped me enormously.
      You may need a mineral and fish oil supplement please email me for some more advice.
      with kind regards

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