Food for Kids

When I was a child food was freshly prepared.

There was no such thing as fast food, or processed food.

Except bacon. Bacon was the only processed food. But then it was dry-cured by rubbing it with salt, cured and smoked using hickory wood. No sodium nitrates. No added flavourings.

Now it seems children are only fed processed food.

When more processed foods was developed we were told these were good as they were fortified with vitamins and minerals and you came to believe it was better than fresh.

Now we know that is not true.

When children are struggling with school they are either depressed or are on the spectrum. Perhaps it is neither of these, perhaps the child is nutritionally deficient.

When children are ill, parents are not advised what foods to give their children to help them to wellness.

When adults are ill, they are not advised what foods to eat to help themselves to wellness.

What has happened?

What has happened is spin, to encourage people to buy the processed foods or take the medication. Spin is lies. I am not saying we don’t need medication. I am saying we also need to feed ourselves nutritionally .

If your child is not coping at school, check what nutrients they are actually getting from their food. If your child is unwell, check their food.

If your child is eating a lot of processed foods, the anti-nutrients in those foods is taking up space in the body where nutrients should be and they are actually being starved. They will feel full when eating these foods, and then when the brain realises it has not received the nutrients it needs, it will initiate hunger again hoping for the nutrients it does need.

The brain needs animal fats which are found in butter, cheese, eggs, fish.

The muscles need protein which is found in meat, potatoes, rice, fresh vegetables.

The blood needs iron which is found in raisins, eggs, red meat.

To provide energy it needs oxygen which is only received by the blood if it has enough iron in it.

The bones need minerals which are found in milk, good quality drinking water, meat and fresh vegetables and fruits.

The immune system needs fats and minerals found in the foods already mentioned.

The bodily systems do not work in isolation of each other, but each works to support each other and for this to work freshly prepared food from fat, meat, vegetables and fruit is required.

Feed Kids Good Food not processed foods.

If your children love chicken nuggets make them yourself. If your children love pizza make it yourself.

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