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  1. Hi there I just wanted to comment on your post about Grapefruit Seed Extract and how it should be banned.

    I actually take it by capsule by the brand name “nutribiotic” I emailed them and they showed me the studies proven that It does indeed help with candida, and the chemical that is claimed to be in it is below detection limit. Therefore it’s barely there, I think like 0.1 . I can email you this Lab report if you wish. Also …Just like any antibiotic There needs to be a probiotic (taken later from the medicine) to help heal the gut to compensate for destroying bad bacteria (as well as good of
    course) I hope you delete your ban Citricidal. It’s getting a lot of attention and we really don’t need it having a bad name … There are a lot of AWFUL medicines out there that should be banned in a heartbeat. I know maybe other brands use synthetic chemicals but this brand is pretty much completely natural.


    • Melanie thank you for your comment.

      I know that the grapefruit seed extract that has been chemically extracted helps kill bacteria, yeasts and viruses and that makes it a useful product. No-one likes being ill. I have used it myself in the dim distant past and was grateful for its killing properties and I thought I was using a natural product which was a bonus.

      The point of my article is that grapefruit seeds on their own do not contain anything that can kill bacteria, yeasts or viruses. Therefore what is killing the bacteria, yeasts and viruses is the chemical no matter how small the amount in the product. In fact the small amount is a concern because it does have an effect and it makes that tiny amount very powerful.

      10 ppm (10 parts per million) is a very minuscule amount and in the case of sulphites – 10ppm of sulphites preserve vegetables and inhibit the browning processes.

      So therefore the tiny miniscule amount of chemical in grapefruit seed extract does have an effect.

      Thank you for your comment.

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