Is soya bad for you?

Bad soy.

Soy, soya, such an unhealthy food source. Research now showing that it can harm fertility health and the unborn baby. Health Impact News: How soy might decimate the health of your unborn baby and the fertility of future generations.



If you use soy products to substitute for milk, you need to read this. If you use soy products for flavour, you need to read this. I am writing a book, on what has made me well from CFS/ME and in the continuing research I have met some very interesting people who have led me […]

Good Soya, Bad Soya

What a To Do! Is Soya good for you or is it bad for you? Does it help the menopause? Can it cause Thyroid problems? O –  so much information, so little understanding. The Manufacturing industry using the little they know from Science has a lot to answer for.  They have taken the good facts […]