Marianne Gutierrez MFHT

Natural oils

Natural oils

Marianne is fully qualified and insured to practice Remedial Massage, Aromatherapy and is a Teacher of Exercise.  She works from her Treatment Room at home and teaches a Relax Tone and Stretch class near where she lives.  She also uses Rock Tape to support and help heal.

She is fully well from CFS/ME and this website is full of articles about what helped.  She also answers everyone’s emails with any queries about CFS/ME.

Marianne has written a book: Notes on CFS/ME: A happier, healthier lifestyle which is available now.

She is married and has 4 children and 4 step-children.  Her sons set up the website to keep her occupied while getting well from CFS/ME.

Check out her Facebook pages: Marianne Gutierrez Tone and Stretch Class  Remedial Massage

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Contact: gutierrez.marianne @ gmail.com

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    Thank you for your assistance.

    M. Corinne Biehle

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