Acne – The Wright Stuff


Dr Rosemary on the channel 5 day time programme – The Wright Stuff on Wednesday 14th March says that to accuse diet as being the cause of acne is a whole load of baloney.

I beg to differ.

1 Acne can be caused by too thick a dermal layer so that more dead skin cells are shed and the pores blocked causing spots. The cause of this thickened dead skin layer is due to a lack of Vit A or its precursor betacarotene among other nutrients.

2 Acne can be caused by a lack of zinc and fish oils in the diet

3. Acne can be caused by ingredients in skincare products either cheap products or expensive; certain ingredients like mineral oil or isopropyl myristate can cause spots.

4. Acne can be caused by hormonal conditions where supplementing fish oils and evening primrose oil can help the hormones. Also avoiding margarines and refined oils on their own or in biscuits, cakes, breads, pizzas, mayonnaises and sauces that can unbalance the hormones.

So you see Dr Rosemary, food does play an important role as far as acne is concerned. I haven’t mentioned allergies which can also cause an imbalance to the system causing acne among other symptoms.

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