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My husband is Spanish … well he was actually born in Acton, London so that makes him English but his parents were Spanish and spoke only spanish at home. So like many people in this country he is fluent in the language of his parents and fluent in his country of birth’s language which makes translating any documents relatively easy for him. For instance ‘Hasta Pronto’ will not be translated into English as ‘Until soon’ (literal), but as ‘See you soon’(idiom).

So he has offered this service to anyone who needs anything translated from English to Spanish and vice versa.

Please email me for any more information.

Check this one out Jonathan Clarke – great photography and links to others. That’s my boy!

1976 Exceptional designer and great advice and help but then I’m biased


My husband’s brother lives in Spain and he and his sons renovate houses for anyone in the Martos/Jaen region of Andalucia. They are particularly good at organising the documents for sale of houses to the english which as we now know in England can be a worrying affair and as they are fluent in English and Spanish can easily let you know what is happening with your property.

Please see this website for further details: Renobra

DESIGN from music to graphics to interiors to pictures

And another innovative website created by my nephew Joseph Gutierrez is this one: The Webb Sight
The idea behind it is to advertise all the skills of the family whose maiden name is Webb, (my maiden and my sisters (their mother’s) maiden surname). Confused with all the family connections? It isn’t important – just check the site for the skills on offer from building renovations, graphic design and music composition from a highly talented bunch!


Rachel and Nick WEBB Information about taking a holiday in this region and meeting the builders who can help you purchase your property and renovate it. Or you can just relax and enjoy the beautiful countryside. It certainly is a pretty cortijo, El reguelo in a very pretty area with gorgeous views and wonderful places to visit.

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