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The Kite Runner

It was some time ago when my son bought this book for me and recommended that I read it. It gave me the idea to start a book club here on this website.

I do a lot of reading and have wanted to take part in a local Book Club but naturally know that there will be many times when I won’t be able to make the meetings. So I thought I would start a Book Club here – a Book Blog. It then doesn’t matter how long you take to read a book, you can always add your tuppence worth here when you are able.

The Kite Runner is an excellent book not only as a story but as a window on life in Afghanistan or what life was like in Afghanistan. It is poignant and sad showing a human weakness that if we are honest we can all suffer with at times. It prompted me to ask my Uncle why Afghanistan has had so many problems. Because of the drugs came the speedy reply. They were able to grow them and sell them in Russia. The Russians could never find the culprits because of the rugged, bleak and mountainous countryside, eventually they invaded Afghanistan …

Have you read this book? Please leave your comments …

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is a must read for anyone who laughs at politicians and their spin. I loved it. A good speedy read and highly entertaining. Very well written.

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