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Have a credit card but DON’T use it.
Your credit scoring is higher if you have a credit card. However using credit cards are the biggest drain on your disposable income unless you pay off the total amount owed each month. If you are going to do that why not use your current bank account and overdraw? It is cheaper than paying the minimum amount off the credit card and you are more likely to pay it back by reducing your outgoings because you are reminded of your red negative amounts each month when you receive the bank statements.

Seek FREE debt advice – there are plenty of websites for this. Paying off your debt by remortgaging may seem like the cheapest option with regard to your monthly repayments but if taken over a long period of time you may be actually paying back more than twice what your debt was.

Loans maybe the preferred option to pay off a debt but the interest rates can be huge.

There is a scheme called IVA which is for those thinking that declaring themselves backrupt is the only option. It is an excellent scheme and needs looking into before you make any further decisions about your money concerns.

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