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There are many Good Bacteria products on the market and I discovered one called ThreeLac which seemed to offer me a cure for CFS. An ingredient in their product called Streptococcus Faecalis really worried me. So I conducted some research. I also didn’t like the idea of the lemon juice which is also in their product as this can kill the good bacteria. I also found out that the live bacteria in most good bacteria products are dead by the time the individual gets them.

Streptococcus Faecalis is a bad bacteria. I emailed the Food Industry to look into it but eventually they said that they thought it was OK.
A friend of mine works in a food lab and I asked her for some information and basically the information she sent me said that the Strep Faecalis is harmless. When you look into these things you realise just how many different bacteria there are! Which again makes one wonder how the health companies can say that only one or two will help you.

I don’t know why ThreeLac put Streptococcus Faecalis in their product but I asked the Threelac company and they said that the Streptococcus Faecalis is not considered to be harmful but dead. So why put it there? I couldn’t understand that.

As I looked at all these bacteria products (probiotic) I decided that none seemed particularly brilliant and I wondered if the selling of good bacteria was all a con. After all bacteria is in all food so why buy more?
This article is helpful Beneficial Bugs You will see from this document that the bacteria that would seemingly cure people of candida is not put into any probiotic I have found.

There are so many bacteria drinks and yoghurts on the market so we are all bamboozled into thinking we need bacteria.

So I asked myself these questions:
We have all lived quite successfully without good bacteria capsules and yoghurts so why do we need them now?
What makes a gut healthy?

And this is what I came up with:
Anaesthetics, the contraceptive pill, stress all deplete the nutrients in the gut and cause it to become unhealthy.

But putting good bacteria in the gut, will not keep it there. What keeps a gut healthy are the B Complex of vitamins, Omega Oils, Vit C and zinc.
The good bacteria makes some B vitamins, keeps the bad bacteria and yeast in control.
The poor digestion of food in the gut leading to putrifaction gives the bad bacteria and yeasts life.

The omega oils, Vit C and zinc make the gut environment healthy. Omega oils help calm inflammation.

I did feel better when I took Higher Nature’s Lactobacillis Sporogenes. It is formulated to get through the stomach acid. But I was not cured of IBS. Good bacteria can make the guts more gassy until they get used to it. After 3 weeks my guts were still not used to it. So I decided that I couldn’t tolerate how the bacteria was grown – they sometimes use milk and I can’t tolerate milk.

Avoiding foods I am allergic to does the most good for my IBS (I am never constipated and ‘go’ every day unless I have eaten something I shouldn’t and then I am bunged up and have to take a laxative of some type) and avoiding sugar (and honey) and taking Omega Oils and Ginseng is also helping.

Products can be taken to kill the bad bacteria and yeast but then the gut is left in a vulnerable state and the bad bacteria can build up again.

I really believe that more fruit especially organic bananas (contain B vitamins) and vegetables, Vit B, Vit C, omega oils and zinc will help the most.

Every so often (about once a month or so) I take a drink of citricidal and orange juice to ‘clean’ me out and it really reduces the gas.
A product called Digestive Enzymes from Higher Nature is excellent for helping to thoroughly digest food and that might be more beneficial for you. (be careful though because the new bottles now say it contains wheat, milk and soya) because when the food is thoroughly digested the gut can work more effectively and not get upset and putrifaction is less likely to occur.

I can’t say my IBS is cured but it is controlled as long as I am careful with what I eat and I am not taking any good bacteria products not even yoghurt. (love yoghurt but it is made from cow’s milk, I do have goats occasionally not for the bacteria but for the creamy texture and it makes my breakfast of fruit more interesting)

Sugar kills bacteria as does fruit when stored in the yoghurt. So only buy pure yoghurt products without fruit or sugar, check the ingredients of the yoghurt drinks as most have sugar and some have fruit flavourings.

I am very, very sceptical of the good bacteria industry and feel they are jumping on the band wagon of much publicised information about a healthy gut.

We would all be better off getting our full range of healthy bacteria from properly grown and properly manufactured foods. We need to eat Organic, sun ripened on the plant foods, home reared meats from cared for animals, no sugar and plenty of spring water. Then we would be healthy and then our healthy bodies would be able to cope with the odd bit of indulgance – chocolate! Is there anything else?

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