Lightning Process

August 2007

There have been many comments to my articles on Lightning Therapy, some commented at the bottom of the articles I have written on the subject and some sent emails to me privately. I have asked those who have written privately if I can put a copy of their email on my website so please see below for their added comments, their names have been left out.

Most think I have ‘knocked’ this therapy. I haven’t meant to knock the therapy but the way the therapy is/was portrayed.

Originally I wrote the first article because I was shocked at what people were paying for their treatments and having bad results and on top of that couldn’t say what the treatment was. There were two therapies doing the rounds at the time, The Lightning Process and Mickel Reverse Therapy later becoming Reverse Therapy.

The Lightning Therapy and Reverse Therapy both appeared to be forms of psychotherapy/psychiatry and it was this aspect I was endeavouring to shout loud and clear.

However those who have the Lightning Process treatment will report that it is not psychotherapy/psychiatry and others will say that it is.

Now on Phil Parker’s website he actually states that he uses NLP and hypnotherapy both tools of the psychotherapy/psychiatry trade.

Psychotherapy and Psychiatry are the same thing. Psychotherapists are NOT medically trained and cannot prescribe drugs.
Psychiatrists are medically trained and can prescribe drugs.
Those are the differences – drugs.

I also personally believe that a form of analysing the thought processes of a human being are helpful whether you suffer from ME, Cancer or a heart condition or whether you have no illness at all. So I am not against the Lightning Process per se.

I was against the huge costs of treatment and the lack of education of what the process actually was.

What is successful with the treatments that I give is the education I supply about the pain and why it is there.

My own father was fascinated with the drawing I gave him illustrating why he feels the pain in one area and why it is caused by something happening somewhere else. He now clearly understands why he has to stretch certain limbs to alleviate the pain.

The Lightning Process remained a ‘hidden’ secretive thing that apparently was miracle like with its success. Now at last people are understanding that it is a form of counselling, pyschotherapy, psychiatry, emotional freedom technique, cognative behaviour therapy, neurolinguistic programming and hypnotherapy.

Good. Excellent. Now we know what we are paying for.


The emails below are from the same person giving me permission to use their email but also adding an important aspect.

Dear Marianne
Thank you for your good wishes and you may use my email as you wish.
I would add that an important part of a good recovery is eating well, exercise, getting to bed at a reasonable hour and taking care of yourself. (For me that means a massage every two weeks)
Kind regards

Dear Marianne

We have written once before to one another. It was before you updated your article regarding the Lightning Process.
I did the process training in February this year, with a friend. I decided on it after seeing the positive results experienced by a neighbour. In my case, after 11 years, I am well again and finding renewed energy and enthusiasm for life! My friend had severe fybromyalgia and ME and she too is well. The neighbour was ill for many years and is now well enough to ride her bike and go hiking with her daughter.

The LP is not easy, although it is simple. I would highly recommend it.

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