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This therapy comes up time and time again especially when there are articles in the press concerning ‘someone’ who is cured from ME when they have seen a Lightning Therapist.

Then there is a flurry of activity on the internet as people try to research and find answers before shedding out loads of money to go on the ‘cure’ themselves.

I was intrigued by the Daily Mail article by Esther Ranzen about her daughter. But two things struck me as odd.
1) A comment added by someone who had heard of Esther’s daughter’s ‘cures’ before from ME and then her subsequent relapses.
2) The cure involved Esther’s daughter in much self-disclipline of counting her negative thoughts and replacing them with a positive thought.

I have an interesting spin on this negative thinking because I think it is a physical thing. I have been suffering with a depression since christmas. I wondered if it was S.A.D but dismissed this and worked on positive thinking (I didn’t know it was a Lightning Therapy technique at the time). It worked for a short period of say … a minute. But I was not only depressed but crying over anything too.

I then remembered that since before christmas I had been irratic with my supplement taking. If I hadn’t run out of the supplement, I forgot to take them anyway. After christmas the lack continued because I got a stomach bug and I didn’t fancy anything never mind swallowing supplements. And in the meantime my ME symptoms got worse and worse. Crying, depression, muscle spasm, muscle pains, sleeping problems, fidgeting etc etc etc etc etc etc – you all know the story!

So I began my regime again and almost immediately things started to improve. And … relief about 4 days later 6 solid hours of sleep! Eureka! And now two weeks later most of my symptoms are much improved especially the crying and the depressed thoughts. I don’t have to try to be positive, I just am.

And what is this miracle supplement?


I take it with equal amounts of magnesium. Along with my fish oils and evening primrose oil I do believe I have found the best formula which really does improve many if not most of the ME symptoms.

Before Christmas I did feel that I was coping with the ME and that if I did too much a 30 minute to hour rest refreshed me. I also found that the period of rest was getting shorter too after a time.

But since Christmas and the relapse, because of forgetting the supplements, I have gone back to square one and I am having to be very careful about what I do from talking too much, interacting too much with other people, physically doing too much – like vacuum cleaning.

But because of the supplements I don’t have muscle spasms to contend with or shortness of breath or heart palpitations since the calcium, magnesium, zinc, fish oils, evening primrose oil and more magnesium and potassium supplements.

I don’t understand this ME anymore than you do. But I know what it isn’t. It isn’t in the mind and Lightning Therapy, dress it up how you will, is a form of psychiatry.

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  1. As the mother of someone who had suffered from ME for six and a half years, learned the Lightning Process in October 2005 and went from bedbound to walking in one day, then from strength to strength and has been ME-free ever since, I hope you will be interested in my comments. First, it is important to understand that the Lightning Process is not a therapy or psychiatry, but TRAINING. The success of this training depends on the trainee’s commitment to carrying out the trainer’s instructions. Have you ever seen the TV programme “You Are What You Eat” in which Dr Gillian McKeith shows obese, ill people how they have got that way, and then teaches them how to cure themselves through proper nutrition? At first it is hard for them to adjust to a completely different way of life, but the effort is worth it and we see them after a few months as happy, well and much slimmer people, because THEY (not the doctor) did the hardest bit, which was adhering wholeheartedly to the diet. The Lightning Process is very much like that. The practitioner (trainer) shows you how you have become, and remained, ill, and then teaches you an amazingly effective “tool” (NOT simply positive thinking!) which, if used correctly, not only cures ME but can change your life for the better in so many other ways too. As I said, my daughter “got it” in one day, while for others it can take weeks of practice before the method becomes automatic. Occasionally you’ll find someone who, for whatever reason, can’t or just doesn’t stick to it and inevitably relapses, but for the vast majority the training is completely successful. You are right – ME is NOT in the mind, but somehow a few people have mistakenly got it into their heads that the Lightning Process is a psychiatric therapy, with the result that the only thing coming between them and wellness is … their minds!

  2. i did the lightning process almost a month ago and tonight was the first time i went back to my dancing! It was great!
    I havent slept during the day times for the past month which is a vast improvement as i used 2 sleep in the afternoons.
    The Lightning process is a training program yes! it makes new neural pathways in ur brain to override the old ME ones. its not just positive thinking, it is a mixture of NLP and hypnotherapy which is very powerful. we are designed to be well as my LP practitioner told me.
    its a technique which is much more powerful than just positive thinking. dont knock it til you’ve tried it!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Liz
    Thank you for your comments. I am pleased for you that you are feeling so much better and you are quite right one shouldn’t knock things they haven’t tried.
    You may be interested in the following article; Lightning Process please click the link.
    I hope you continue to progress and if you have the time, I am sure readers would welcome a report on your continued health. So please let us know. You will see from the article and other’s comments that many are feeling the benefits of the Lightning Process.

  4. I’ve come across your site as i am myself doing research into this ‘threatment’ cure.

    I’ll tell you one thing. The amount of replies exactly like the one above you find all over the internet is alarming and all give the same hyperbole.

    There is no way 90% of people are cured by this form of treatment (i know plenty who have not and are angry) add more to the frustration we are told we have not been cured because it is our own fault for not adheering to the ‘training’.

    Very suspect. The ‘science’ is there to lure you into thinking its not just a ‘positive thinking’ treatment.

    if you’re cured great. But there are so many loop holes, its just another lure for sick people with no other option but to ‘try’ things and give into these charlatans making a FORTUNE.

  5. Ive been ill with M.E. for 4 years. Dont forget M.E. is at the same at the same stage as illnesses like Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinsons were years ago. In other words they havnt found the cause yet. I’m sure they will one day. In the mean time, why arent they suggesting the Lightning method for those illnesses too. Think about it.

  6. Hi Gillian. Thank you so much for reading this site and for your comments. I am not sure what you mean by: ‘Think about it.’
    I do think that ME sufferers are helped by Dr Perrin’s method which works on physical aspects. I also think his methods would help many people feel better regardless of their condition as it works on aiding the drainage of cerebrospinal fluid and effecting the efficient flow of lymph.

    ME like MS and Parkinson’s is a physical illness and I was told that one person apparently was nearly driven to suicide when he had embarked on a therapy that was a form of brainwashing where his mind had been trained to tell him he wasn’t ill, but his body was telling him he was.

    I do wonder at the role of chemicals and additives in our foods as the cause of many of our illnesses including Parkinson’s, MS and ME. This site may help those who are looking for help with Parkinson’s disease

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