Natural versus Orthodox

“In all allopathic (orthodox) medicine, the practice is to isolate, in a chemically pure form, the biologically active substance of the consitutent ingredients. These extracted drugs must be uniform in their composition in order to demonstrate a consistent physiological effect. Perhaps there is some truth in an ancient Ayurvedic text from India: ‘Extracting drugs from a part of the plant is taking out the intelligence and throwing away the wisdom.’ Whole plant preparations, though less potent, are generally considered to be safer with fewer side effects.”

From the Health Library Click on the link for more information

I would add that using the whole plant is more expedient although gentler and slower acting. I have had experience with this with Evening Primrose Oil and some tests were conducted on the effacy of synthetic Vit E and natural Vit E and the natural won hands down. Vitamin C also works better with its natural ‘trace’ elements around it, which is why it is now sold with bioflavanoids and rutin better still organic and in the form of an orange, green pepper or kiwi.

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