Phil Parker's Lightning Process again …

I am constantly asked questions about the Lightning Process and feel constantly frustrated by it.

Finding the website Fatigue Answers has helped to understand what Phil Parker’s therapy is.

Please click on: Fatigue answers to find what they say about it.

However although Fatigue Answers says that the Lightning Process is not psychotherapy, Phil Parker tells us he uses Hypnotherapy which is a tool of psychotherapy.
Phil Parker also uses NLP (nuerolinguistic programming) which although some say is not psychotherapy, the name itself implies that something is being done to the brain so therefore is a type of psychotherapy. So I think of NLP as a tool of psychotherapy.

However back to Fatigue Answers I don’t agree with their explanation of ME and the adrenaline ‘loop’.

If the ‘loop’ is the cause of ME, why do the omega fish oils and calcium supplements and enzymes help me so much?

I can understand that the adrenaline loop is draining and so anything is going to help but if that is the case surely I would be deplete in all nutrients, losing weight, looking thin and very ill etc.

Since taking omega fish oils and then the calcium, my ME symptoms appear to be few now.

I suppose I would say that I am almost normal BUT only if I stick to a strict regime which in layME terms is called pacing; and to my way of thinking my routine seems to be a similar situation to where Phil Parker gets his patients as well; to a routine that suits them and provided they keep to it they can lead ‘normal’ lives.

In the early days of Phil Parker and his Lightning Process, no-one knew what it was and now Phil Parker is informing us through his website. What intrigues me, is that some if not all of his patients are also advised to use other techniques to aid their recovery namely – good food, exercise and massage.

I seem to have got myself to the same place that Phil Parker gets his patients to but in my case only using good food, exercise and massage and pacing. Interesting isn’t it?

I am not against Phil Parker and his therapy. Really I am not. I am sure we all need some psycho-analysing. I know I do.

Maybe it was too rigorous in the past and maybe he has added, changed and tweaked his process and now perhaps it may very well help those with ME although now his process is not dissimilar to many other ‘cures’ for ME.

I would be interested to hear from anyone who had the Phil Parker experience about 4 or 5 years ago and for them to be honest and say what it was and then to compare that to someone having the Phil Parker experience now.

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5 thoughts on “Phil Parker's Lightning Process again …

  1. My daughter has suffered all the various symptoms of m.e. for too long! Fifteen years! I have seen three freinds recover of different ages,and one having had the ‘curse’ for over thirty years, and was told all on the training at the same time also recovered. Who cares what it is! I think, for the majority it is working! I think you have to go, try to do as your asked and trust. I am dying for my daughter to do this, because, until she is well I will not rest.

  2. Dear Dee, Thank you for reading my site. I am not sure that the Lightning Process for the majority is working – that is the problem and that is why so many people question what he does and what is charged. One person who has written to me wants to take him to court using the trade desriptions act because he paid a lot of money for the treatments, believing what Phil Parker said about them and still isn’t well, he is very angry about the Lightning Process and its claims.

    But some people are well because of it. The purpose of this site is to inform people so that they can do the research and make up their own minds. You are right, if the individual doesn’t care about his methods and feels that that the Lightning Process will help then why don’t they try it? Can I help your daughter? Would she be interested in writing to me about her symptoms? It sometimes helps just to chat to someone who is experiencing the same things, you can then rationalise and come to terms with it all. It has helped me imagining that my illness is like losing a leg. I have to work around it and come to terms with it and concentrate on what I can do. I try very hard not to be biased – believe me I do! My problem with Phil Parker is the charges he makes and the claims and not being completely open about the tools of his trade so that the individual can make an informed decision. I hope this helps, you are welcome to chat any time. Use the email address on the Contacts page if you want to be confidential.

  3. Lightning Process Review

    The first thing to know about the Lightning Process is that it contains nothing new – it is simply a package of techniques that have been around for a while. F M Alexander developed the STOP (the core of this technique) over a century ago, and I came across nothing I hadn’t heard before when I did the course.
    It is based totally on the assumption that ME is caused solely by excess adrenaline due to negative thoughts which is of course absurd. It takes no account of toxins, organ failure, thyroid problems, or any other of the many physiological causes of ME. The explanation of the fight and flight mechanism is simplistic in the extreme, and there are no credible follow up studies at all.
    The supposed incredible success rate is due to the fact that if you say it didn’t work for you (and for most people it doesn’t) then they say you aren’t doing it properly, and it is your fault.
    Mainstream pain management psychotherapists are now recognising a problem among patients who have wasted their time and money on this and got no improvement and feel depressed about it.
    It does help a small number of people (although most relapse over time), but it is basically a scam and a rip off

  4. I did the Lightning Process with Phil Parker himself back in 2006 in Crouch End. It did work on me for a while but I have since relapsed. At the time Phil claimed it could cure my allergies and binge eating, but it couldn’t do anything for these no matter now hard I tried. I had many follow up phone calls with him at £50 for 10 mins but these were a waste of time. Looking back, I think he’s just a scam artist who’s only interested in the dosh. Sure LP “can” work but so can lots of things. I’m doing BodyTalk now which is much more reliable and looks at the whole body, not just the thoughts.

    • Dear Sceptic
      Thank you for your response. I am sorry you have spent a lot of money and you are still not well. Have you downloaded my book on my own journey to wellness: A Happier Healthier Lifestyle I have found that certain supplements are instrumental to help and to avoid certain foods. Particular movements are also important. All the best with your journey to better health!

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