Placebo Effect

Alternative Medicine BBC2 Tuesday 30th January 2006 at 9pm

Is this understood?

The scientist on the programme last night said that the placebo effect is like mind over matter. I don’t think it is.

I don’t think the placebo effect is the same as positive thinking either.

The placebo effect is being given a dummy pill/therapy and being told it will make you better. In some cases it does. Why?

Positive thinking is not allowing yourself to think negative thoughts concerning your condition.

Mind over matter is being positive about your condition despite the negative reports.

All the above aspects are different. So why does the placebo heal some people?

And what about all those Christians that believe they are being healed by the Lord at the Bennie Hinn meetings?

I believe that Bennie Hinn uses the hypnotic effect. He spoke for two hours in an assertive, forceful manner (two hours!!!), there was much repeated chords of music and singing before he actually offered any healing.

Someone has said it will make you better so you do feel better. It is a type of hypnosis.

There was a magician that demonstrated this on TV last year. He had placed a bet on a certain horse. After the race he went to claim his winnings. He assertively placed the betting slip on the counter and said: ‘This is the winning ticket’. (or something like that) And the counter clerk duly paid out his winnings – about £300. The only flaw with this is that his horse hadn’t won, and it wasn’t the winning ticket he had given the clerk. He had used the ‘power’ of suggestion when he said: ‘This is the winning ticket.’ I think that the healing from the placebo effect is the individual succumbing to the power of suggestion. Bennie Hinn uses this at his meetings. Faith healers use it. When you are given a dummy pill you succumb to the idea.

What do you think? Who has been messing with your mind today?

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