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Review Me earns you money.

I thought that would get your attention. It got mine! Hence this review.

Review Me asks you to register your details and your website and then you publish on your website a review and paste the link onto your review account and then according to the ranking of your site, you get paid. So the higher your site ranking the more you get paid.

Excuse me?

I got confused too. It is quite simple, in fact simple is the byword of this review, you’ll see what I mean later. It is the simplicity that has the potential to cause complexity simply because of our expectations … ah … I’ll stop now.

I’ll repeat the process in bullet point format:

  • Click on Review Me
  • Register your name and get accepted
  • Click on submit a blog
  • Enter your blog details
  • Click on submit
  • Click on the $25,000 giveaway
  • This selects Review Me as your first review to write
  • Write the review on your website
  • Paste the link in your reviewme account
  • Wait for the cheque to arrive


How does this work for Review Me ? They simply sell your review to advertisers. The more you review, the more they earn and the more you earn. Simple as that.

If you are an advertiser looking for a review you pay Review Me the amount the site is ranked at. The beauty is that your product is reviewed by an interested party – someone who is into the stuff you sell. You get targeted, positive advertising posing a good argument as to why the consumer cannot live without your product.


I love simple. I love earning money. I especially love earning money from home … and I doubly especially love earning money from home doing something that I love.


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