Salt the essence of life

I know I have read somwhere that minerals are the essence of life. This includes things like calcium, magnesium, potassium and SALT.

We understand salt to be sodium and the stuff we add to our food that we have been told not to. Now we are stopping children from eating too much salt. My friend who has had heart problems has been told to eat a low salt diet, whereas using salt normally would help his heart!


There is no information, no scientific facts to say that salt is bad for us or to say that high salt is bad for us.

The body secretes salt through the urine and sweat. It won’t store it, but the body will get very ill if there is little salt. Salt is an emetic too so it will help get rid of toxins. Support the flushing out process. SALT IS GOOD so please see the article Salt of the Earth which has been updated to include a link to a great website that is very informative.

Salt is good for ME people too as it will help flush out toxins. If you take too much, it will taste awful, so unless you are very stupid you won’t take too much. I have often wondered why we can’t drink sea-water because it must be very rich in all sorts of nutrients. I need salt to absorb fluids and notice that I can’t stop drinking water to quench my thirst if I have not had much salt the previous day. I can only think with sea water that it is too rich in nutrients which the body has to assimulate and with so much salt the body also has to allow it to leave through sweating and urine. This puts the body into exhaustion to deal with the effects of seawater. So from this point of view the government has a point

When we were given life, we were given free-will. Use it to find out for yourselves what you should or shouldn’t be doing with your life, your body. Don’t accept the government’s arguments per se, discover for yourselves.

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  1. I discovered this short article while searching for information on salt as I study the Beautitudes of Jesus (i.e., “You are the salt of the earth…”). I have learned that salt is a preservative, that to Rabbis it denoted wisdom, and, now, it is an emetic, thus helping the body rid itself of toxins, and that it helps the body retain fluids. Thank you for your commentary. I will continue on my investigation by accessing the suggested article Salt of the World. Thank you, Marianne.

  2. I came across this website whilst reading about Lots’ wife who was turned to salt. Thanks for the information, I am in agreement with you, there are so many things we’re told to cut out completely. Knowledgee is power. But I have a few queries: If someone has hypertension, why is it that the doctors say no salt? or low salt? Does it(salt) do something to that person?
    Thanks for your time, have a blessed New Year!

  3. Hi Annie
    Thank you for your comment. A balance of sodium (found in salt) and potassium keeps the balance of fluid in our bodies correct not salt on its own, infact it is the kidneys and hormones like vassopressin (anti-diretic hormone) that helps with the water balance. Sodium is found with chloride, salt is a mixture of sodium chloride and small amounts of other minerals. Sodium is vital for nerve impulses as it is sodium that helps the electrical impulse jump from one end of the nerve to the beginning of another. (the gap between nerves is called the synapse)
    I wonder what Jesus meant when he said: You are the salt of the earth? Would it help to know the hebrew or greek word for salt? This may help your research. I would be interested to hear how you get on! But it is a worry being called the salt of the earth – such a responsibility! Thankfully we have the Holy Spirit as our guide … phew!! I think of salt of the earth people as being genuine and real without hiding their personalities and have no pretentions.

  4. Hi Michelle
    Sorry to take so long to reply and this is a long answer!!

    Hypertension is caused by stress, disease and can be caused by food allergies.

    Huge enormous intakes of salt can raise the blood pressure by a miniscule amount according to tests done on rats. The ratio is so small it is thought to be considered as not notable. But in the case of illness, perhaps this is why GPs say to avoid salt or reduce if you have hypertension.

    Sodium (not salt – salt is made from sodium chloride and trace elements of magnesium and calcium) and potassium are needed in equal amounts with each other to balance the fluid amounts in the body tissues. Excess fluid in the body needs to be flushed out and the heart has to work harder to pump it out which may cause high blood pressure. Because of the envolvment of the important ratio of sodium and potassium it is thought by the medical profession that too much sodium in the diet may be the cause of water retention and therefore high blood pressureor hypertension.

    I don’t believe that to be true, because the hormones (anti-diuretic hormone – vasopressin) and kidneys work hard at flushing out excess fluid or holding on to fluid. For example caffeine interferes with vasopressin causing the bladder to continually want to empty. Kidneys need salt to function and the body will get rid of excess salt to balance itself.

    The UK government recently had a campagn to reduce poor blood pressure health conditions by launching an advertising campaign advising the country to avoid salt. The campaign was stopped and later they stated that one should reduce salt intake to 6 grams a day which I would find a lot to take and I love salt! They have not said why one day they were telling us to not eat salt and the next advising an intake of 6 grams.

    Sodium is vital to the body for the flow of nerve impulses as it helps the electrical impulse to jump across the synapse (gap) between the nerves.
    Salt is begged by people in hot countries because of the sweating induced by the heat and sodium, potassium and minerals being lost.
    The body’s organs release water through sweating and weeing if there isn’t enough sodium in the body in a bid to concentrate its levels.
    I experience great thirst even after drinking if I haven’t had enough salt and it is when I eat salt that my thirst is adequately quenched when I drink.

    Water retention caused by the imbalancing effects of food allergies, disease and stress can cause a greater pressure in the arteries and extra work to the heart.

    Cholesterol imbalances can cause a restricition in the arteries causing greater pressure on the artery walls.

    So in effect one of the symptoms of high blood pressure may be helped by reducing salt and thereby reducing the sodium content and thereby it may help with pressure but quite honestly the effect doesn’t seem to be much.
    The cause of the symptoms needs to be addressed.
    The first thing is to source any food allergies by a blood test and then to avoid the offending foods. If the pressure of the blood does not appear to be normal after a month to 3 months of being off the offending foods then look at possible diseases and then consider your stress levels and what you can stop doing that maybe causing your stress.

    However SUGAR and SUGARY foods may be the biggest culprit and just taking all those foods out of your diet may solve the problem. This is because the liver also has an envolvement with fluid balance. The liver stores sugar as glycogen for energy but if the glycogen stores are full then the excess is stored as fat in the body tissues and fat in the arteries. So if the liver is overly occupied with processing sugar then it can’t be heavily involved with processing fluid. And with the arteries being clogged up with fat, high blood pressure could ensue.

    Follow the link for Patrick Holford on the home page of my website as he may be able to answer your question more fully. I am not a nutritionist and the info I have given here is info I have either learnt through my courses and profession or I have researched. I personally feel that if you feel unwell you should consult your GP first and at the same time go to York Test and get your blood tested for food allergies. You will find that when you give up the foods you are allergic to, you will feel very well and perhaps your symptoms will disappear too. It is important you see your GP, so that they have a record of you and your symptoms. If you still have hypertension after taking the allergens out of your diet, then look at your life-stess levels. And consult your GP about your concerns. This article may help: Allergies

    As to knowledge being power: Adam and Eve thought that and look what happened to them! As a Christian I believe that God provides me with the knowledge I need and no more. If I seek after all knowledge then I am denying my need of God. Our human design is for us to work with others, we are not an island, so for some they have some knowledge and some have other and we share it. I am not equipped to be all knowledgable and I wouldn’t know what to do with it either, so be wary when seeking knowledge – is it for your ultimate good?
    God bless, Marianne

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