My Skincare Regime

Updated April 15th 2006

My sister has been begging me to post an article about my skincare regime so here it is!

Skin Wash
Olive oil 100 mls
Essential Oil of Lavender, Tea-tree 5 drops of each
Green scourer generally bought for washing dishes

Skin Moisturiser
Olive Oil 100 mls
Jojoba oil 100 mls
Bottled water 50 mls
Essential oils of lavender – 10 drops, tea-tree – 10 drops and Geranium – 10 drops

Splash your face with water to make it damp and massage the skin wash into the skin using massage movements. Using the scourer very gently scrub the face with small circular movements from the nose outwards to the bottom of the ears. I ball the scourer up to a largish rounded surface and use that area. The edges of the scourer are sharp and can scratch the face so tuck them well into the hollow of your hand. The flat balled up surface of the scourer will not scratch but will act like sand-paper. Do not scrub the lips or delicate eye area.

Rinse with warm water.
While the face is still damp apply the moisturiser. Work in well and 10 minutes later apply some more. Use massage movements to apply the moisturiser.

This method can be used all over the body.

Aloe Vera
Natural versus Orthodox
Anatomy of Skin
Idealogy behind My Skincare Regime

Other ingredients I use:
Aloe Vera from the plant on my window sill for cuts, burns, spots and to aid the absorption of oil into my skin, on damp cotton wool to soothe the eyes.
Lemon juice to further exfoliate the dead skin cells – do not put near the eyes
Yoghurt to scavenge the dead skin cells
Myrrh – this is good for rejuvenating mature skins
Spices, black pepper, ginger, chilli all help to bring the blood to the surface of the skin bringing in fresh supply of nutrients. However not recommended for the face but for the body.

Variety of oils: Olive Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Advocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Rosehip Oil.
Grated carrot and oil as a mask
Cucumbers for the eyes

4 thoughts on “My Skincare Regime

  1. Really like this Skin care regime are the ingredience easily available ?..bit worried about Tee Tree as I am really allergic to it neat, it burns me. I know this is diluted with other oils do you suggest that I dilute it more with olive oil or just use alternative? What would you suggest… Aloe Vera or do I need an antiseptic type alternative?
    Sorry to bombard you with questions …just interested thats all!

  2. Hi Kate, thanks for pointing that out. (My mistake! I love tea-tree and this was my skincare routine so naturally tea-tree is used here!) However you do need an antiseptic in the wash and moisturiser and tea-tree can be replaced by citricidal or colloidal silver. Use 12 drops of citricidal to 100 mls of oil or a teaspoon of colloidal silver to 50 mls of oil. Aloe vera is not strongly antiseptic and is soothing and calming. It has antioxidant properties, enzymes that aid digestion, a type of magnesium that calms the histamine reaction when an allergen presents itself, also certain types of ‘sugars’ that line the gut to help it heal and possibly aid leaky gut syndrome. Aloe also contains agents that can kill tiny mycrobes, with some analgesic qualities and Aloe Vera can act like a carrier, taking other substances deep into the dermis of the skin. There is some antiseptic actions in the tropical Aloe Vera plant. Aloe also contains sallcylic which can clear dead skin cells and aid healing. Aloe Vera also contains 22 of 20 important amino acids. Please see this link and this one
    I have been ‘trying’ to find an Aloe Vera product without sodium hydroxide because that makes my skin itch or without glycerine because that is a humectant and binds water to it and there is some thought that it takes the water out of your skin if applied to the face. I do have Aloe Vera plants on my window sill and I could use a part of the leaf every day. However it isn’t only the juice from the leaves that gives the properties listed here but the properties come from the outside of the leaf, the flowers and the woody stems. I cut up a leaf and put it in my cat’s bowl with his food and he loves it! Not sure that I have noticed any differences to his health but he is a healthy cat anyway.
    Give me as many questions as you like, if I can’t answer them I will find someone who can.

  3. Hi Marainne, Just read article on skincare. Very good, but why green scourer. what is wrong with loofar material which come in small rounds from Body shop?

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