Stress and food allergies

When our body suffers more stress than it can tolerate, our gut suffers. This is because the reaction to stress needs nutrients and if the body can’t find these nutrients in the normal places, it will rob them from the gut.
When the gut gets unhealthy from this lack of nutrition, tiny holes appear in the gut. (they are actually always there because that is how the food is absorbed into the blood stream but in healthy guts they are miniscule).
The condition is called leaky gut.
The gut lets food particles through that are too big because the holes are big.
The immune-system doesn’t recognise them and so alerts an alergic response to ‘dilute’ or pump in histamines and anti-bodies to get rid of what it sees as toxins.
This reaction can be seen in the body as swellings, swollen glands, fluid retention, rashes, headaches, aches and pains and flu like feelings, slight temperature, heart palpitations, pains in the gut, constipation, diarrhoea.
This is why people feel ill when they eat certain foods.
It may be possible to heal a leaky gut, but it involves keeping the offending foods out of the diet and putting in supplements that will heal. And it can take years if it can happen.
Good bacteria is the first ‘good’ nutrient but it isn’t supplemented very well. (contrary to popular opinion!!) Because the stomach acid can kill the good bacteria before it gets to the gut.
The gut will cultivate good bacteria when there are B vitamins, omega oils, vit c, zinc and most importantly fresh fruit and vegetables in it.
Sugar is an absolute no no because bad bacteria feeds on it and the yeast candida albicans.

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