Do you have an allergy?

This is a good explanation from The Net Doctor, of the differences between Allergy and Intolerance: (scroll down to end for information about private testing) The Question was about further testing for Intolerances because of IBS symptoms, what follows is the Answer from The Net Doctor. “I can understand your wish to find out exactly […]

Serious facts about Sulfites

Sulphur  is an element obtained from the amino acid methionine from the protein from animal sources: Sulphur Methionine is found in eggs, fish, liver, meat, milk and poultry.  Methionine Sulfite is a synthetic chemical made from sulphur dioxide which is made when sulphur is combined with oxygen. Sulphur (Sulfur) and Sulfites It is used as an anti-oxidant and for preserving, found in many foods and it is added to wine.  No Sulfites added Allergy to sulfite may affect the lungs and upset […]