Serious facts about Sulfites

Sulphur  is an element obtained from the amino acid methionine from the protein from animal sources: Sulphur

Methionine is found in eggs, fish, liver, meat, milk and poultry.  Methionine

Sulfite is a synthetic chemical made from sulphur dioxide which is made when sulphur is combined with oxygen. Sulphur (Sulfur) and Sulfites

It is used as an anti-oxidant and for preserving, found in many foods and it is added to wine.  No Sulfites added

Allergy to sulfite may affect the lungs and upset asthmatics causing sneezing and breathing difficulities.  However it may also cause gastro-intestinal problems.

A documented and factual account of sulfite allergy: Sulfite research

This link contains a useful list of foods and medications to avoid: Foods and Medication containing sulfites

This link contains a harrowing tale from a sufferer: Sulfite Allergy Sufferer’s Tale

However if one has a lactose intolerance one may suffer from sulfite allergy if they are made from milk proteins causing all the symptoms that a lactose intolerance causes.  (my surmising as I try to work out why I have diarrhea again)  This link may explain this: Gastro-intestinal problems caused by Sulfite

As I totally avoid all milk products and factory prepared foods, I can only think it was the one small glass of non-organic wine that has caused me to keep near the loo for the past 3 hours this morning.  I have a headache, I feel sick, my throat is tight, I feel cold and my guts are painful and pouring.

I found it interesting about the potatoes.  I wrote to a manufacturer of frozen chips because they seemed to be making me ill.  They categorically denied any other substance being on their potatoes apart from sunflower oil and salt.

Now I realise that it could be the sulfites they may be using to stop the potato going brown that make me ill.

Ok fine.  I can cope.  Only eat my own freshly prepared potatoes and Frey’s no added sulfite Wine for me from now on or try Abel and Cole if you live in the UK.  They do Organic Wines but also Biodynamic wines which they consider better than organic because not only do they not add sulfites, herbal sprays are used to counteract the pests and mould.

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