THE Menopause

The Menopause – a word that implies doom and gloom to women. It should not.  The menopause should not exist. It does not exist for me. It did. Then in a flash (a little joke there) the menopause disappeared forever. Symptoms of the Menopause, or PMT, or anything from arthritis to any disease are caused […]

Serious facts about Sulfites

Sulphur  is an element obtained from the amino acid methionine from the protein from animal sources: Sulphur Methionine is found in eggs, fish, liver, meat, milk and poultry.  Methionine Sulfite is a synthetic chemical made from sulphur dioxide which is made when sulphur is combined with oxygen. Sulphur (Sulfur) and Sulfites It is used as an anti-oxidant and for preserving, found in many foods and it is added to wine.  No Sulfites added Allergy to sulfite may affect the lungs and upset […]