THE Menopause

The Menopause – a word that implies doom and gloom to women.

It should not.  The menopause should not exist.

It does not exist for me.

It did.

Then in a flash (a little joke there) the menopause disappeared forever.

Symptoms of the Menopause, or PMT, or anything from arthritis to any disease are caused by poor nutrition and poor toxin removal.

Menopause symptoms disappeared when I kept up my regime of a calcium, magnesium supplement, a fish oil capsule, a banana a day and adding sea-salt to my food.  The key aspect is calcium MUST be taken with magnesium – that is essential.  Calcium is not absorbed without magnesium and can be easily excreted providing no use whatsoever.

The best form of calcium and magnesium is raw whole milk from organic grass fed cows, the way milk used to be produced.  This is not readily available and could be argued why menopause symptoms appeared – the nutrient source was killed off when chemicals and pasteurisation came into being.

My menopause symptoms were resolved before they really started.  No more menopause.

Happy.  Cool.  Calm.  No-Time-Off-Work.  Sleep-well me.


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