THE Menopause

The Menopause – a word that implies doom and gloom to women. It should not.  The menopause should not exist. It does not exist for me. It did. Then in a flash (a little joke there) the menopause disappeared forever. Symptoms of the Menopause, or PMT, or anything from arthritis to any disease are caused […]



If you use soy products to substitute for milk, you need to read this. If you use soy products for flavour, you need to read this. I am writing a book, on what has made me well from CFS/ME and in the continuing research I have met some very interesting people who have led me […]


Natural News launches a new website, Naturalpedia. It is so good, naturally.  Covers the full spectrum of anything to do with health and not to be missed. Click here: Naturalpedia I think I shall be definitely dipping into this newest internetpedia!