Pink Noise

Pink Noise

Having trouble getting to sleep?  Or not getting a sound night’s sleep and waking up tired?

This could be for a number of reasons – one of them being the lack of pink noise.

Pink noise is filtered sound to give equal power to each octave in the same manner as an equalizer in a music system.  To the inner ear it sounds like a heart-beat or waterfall which may answer a lot of questions about babies (and adults heaven forbid!) falling asleep in the car, or to the sound of the vacuum cleaner and feeling calm when by the sea.

White noise is equal power per frequency.  Pink noise is equal power per octave or part of an octave.

It may explain why my sleep recently in a very hot country felt sound, enhanced by the constant gentle thrum of the ceiling and floor fans.

Of-course there is an app for it: Pink Noise at the App Store

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