Cancer is caused by Random mutations?

There is an oxymoron in that statement mentioned on the BBC Breakfast News on Friday 2nd January 2015 surely:  “Cancer is caused by random mutations”, because my thinking is as more and more people are being diagnosed with cancer it must mean that there is nothing random about it.  About 2 million people in the UK are suffering with cancer.

There is so much more research to strongly suggest that cancer is caused by a build up of toxins and a lack of nutrition.

That when the toxins are reduced and taken out of the body and the body is fed nutritiously the cancer goes.  Yes apparently it is possible to cure cancer without more toxins aka chemicals aka medicine.

Feeding the body nutritionally is the quandary with so much poor advice about what is healthy.

Getting rid of toxins is another quandary – after all what constitutes a toxin?

There seems to be a habit by Governments to misinform concerning healthy aspects, some think to keep big businesses or (for example) the drug industry going.  Read the article that includes the McGovern Report a case in point.

The unhealthy advice by the UK Food Standard Agency some years ago sent out as an advert using a slug strongly and subliminally caused everyone to think that salt was very bad; the advert was withdrawn and no explanation given except that on the UK Food Standard’s website they now state that their advice is to consume no more than 6 grams of salt a day, not none as was previously given out.  The advice has gone from nothing to consuming quite a large amount.  No explanation, no apology.  Amazing.

It is very detrimental to the body NOT to have natural salt in the diet.  And those of us who do not eat manufactured products may be severely lacking in the mineral salts because of being told not to add salt.

If a body is deficient in mineral salts and many are deficient in calcium, the body may crave salty foods.  However the body needs all the salts – Mineral Salts – not the additives formulated from one part or two of the ‘salts’ ie concentrated sodium chloride that is used as a preservative, but all the natural minerals found naturally together in foods such as natural sea salt, natural milk from grass fed cows, green vegetables from good quality pesticide free soil and sunlight on the skin.  Sunlight on the skin produces a hormone wrongly called Vitamin D that encourages the body to use calcium – an essential mineral salt.  The minerals in sea salt are essential for proper nerve impulse, the health of the heart, the health of the kidneys and the balance of the body’s natural water in and out of all the cells.

Calcium and Vitamin D have both been found to reduce or protect against cancer.  Calcium has also been shown to reduce diabetes.  But not calcium on its own – calcium consumed with magnesium and fats that produce ‘vitamin’ D so absorbing the rays from the sun that produce the Vitamin D in the skin.

Mineral salts are so important they are called Essential electrolytes because they are the only things that produce the electrical charge for the nerves and the nerves working fully are the vehicle that drives the functions of the body from the heart muscle to beat, muscles to move, hormones to be released and sent hither and thither in the body.

Gene expression has been the excuse for having cancer or any other disease but what scientists didn’t know and are struggling to find out, is what triggered the gene to express itself.  I think this is why more research has been initiated to find out the cause of cancer and they have come up with the random theory.

Having been brought up a christian I am aware that it states in the bible that the sins of the fathers will be upon their children and their children’s children.  I am understanding more and more that the ‘sins’ are based on our ancestors choices.  We all know that we tend to certain lifestyles and food choices due to inherited traits from our parents or grandparents.  Sins in this sense isn’t evil wrong-doings but the poor choices made by our ancestors and each of us.   I pondered if the gene theory is a more modern term for the ‘sins’ of the fathers.  We tend to a certain gene pool based on our ancestors – which set me to believe that every human being is born with every gene available and some, due to our inheritance, may express themselves if certain triggers present themselves.   The same trigger will cause the various inherited genes to express themselves as the disease commonly associated with that ancestor.  So that some think if they cut out the place in their body that may produce the cancer because they have been found to have that gene, they then won’t get the cancer.  Horrific choices to have to make but will that stop it?  Or if that route has been denied, will it find its expression through another organ?

But the same question stands what causes the gene to express itself?  At the moment science refuses to answer that sensibly or  may be they have answered it and are rapidly finding another cause?  Because I believe the cause to be the substances in food we are told are safe to consume, and the awful official advice of what we should not be consuming.

If science gave the truth then there may be a slump in the trade of those who market the so called ‘food’ substances and the rich businesses being poorer as a result.

Because I think what causes the gene to express itself are the additives, hormones, pesticides and herbicides found in our food.

No wonder discerning people are going organic, biodynamic and above all additive-free it will not only keep your body healthy but your environment too.

Physicians for Social Responsibility

The Pain Free Clinic

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