You think you eat healthy food?

You eat well – right?

I often put this question to my clients.

They always say: I eat healthily, freshly prepared meat, veg and fruit.

I sometimes ask: Where do you buy it?

There is nothing healthy about food bought in supermarkets.  Nothing.

It is a terrible indictment, a terrible consequence of growing businesses and a consequence of our busy possibly lazy minds – buy the food, instead of grow food ourselves.

To grow food, to produce food, to store food, to send food hundreds/thousands of miles away, some many things are added so that disease and insects do not attack it while it is growing.  So that it doesn’t spoil while being produced.  So that it will keep for months.  So that it will travel without spoiling, and it is causing disease in us.

Our food is killing us.

There is a solution if you don’t want to run a small-holding: shop with quality local organic producers, and those who kindly care for their animals, birds and fish.

Here is why our food is killing us:

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) the research arm of the World Health Organisation have published their assessment1,2,3 of the carcinogenicity of a number of organophosphate pesticides, including glyphosate. 

For further information: IARC publishes their report on pesticides and cancer.

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