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Healthy (heal thy) Skin

Healthy (heal thy) Skin
Adverts on TV or in magazines persuade us that their product is the very thing we need for healthy skin, for healing our skin.  The advert sounds so convincing, knowledgeable and correct.

I had food allergies and intolerance and this made me wonder about the ingredients in these skin care products including shampoos, soaps and shower gels as well as make-up and moisturisers.  What were these chemicals made from, I queried, and were they made from foods I was allergic or intolerant to?

My symptoms from these products were constant ‘mild’ headaches, nausea, skin irritations, skin rashes, itching, spots, ‘dry’ skin, aches and pains.

I ceased using commercial products, also asking others in the household to use perfume and spray free items as far as possible.  My skin not only improved but the symptoms disappeared including the headaches.

What follows is my skincare routine:


Olive oil and tea-tree: apply all over the body including face and gently scrub off under the shower with a freshly laundered flannel.

After the shower, pat dry lightly and apply olive oil, tea-tree, lavender, rose-hip oil and magnesium oil to moisturize, applying to face as well as the whole body.


Olive oil and tea-tree as a conditioner before cleansing, finish with olive oil soap to cleanse off the oil thoroughly


Generally none.  On some days a hint of colour from Earth’s Beauty minerals. Mascara, eye-liner and lipstick from Chanel as I seem to be able to tolerate their products on the lips or around the eyes.


Because of the lack of perfume in my skin care system and possibly smelling  of olive oil I may use Chanel’s No 5 or No 19,  Clarins’ Eau Dynamisante Natural Spray or just recently a Jimmy Choo perfume; spraying the perfume on my clothes not on my skin.

There are many, what I think of as delicious, nut, fats, and oils to use on the skin the choice is wonderful and bewildering, it is the benefits of the various oils that have formed my choices.

The Reasons Why

The skin absorbs the substances that are applied, therefore many chemicals from the commercial products will find their way into the bloodstream and the body.  For some this may cause a reaction, for me it was very itchy skin, skin rashes, headaches and nausea.  Some chemicals in the products actually cause spots!  Natural oils do not cause spots or block pores.

Using natural ingredients means you deliver to the skin the nutrients it needs to be healthy and ultimately deliver these healthy aspects to the rest of the body.

Natural oils

Natural oils

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