Butter is better

Butter is better!

Noooo not again!  Butter is better!  Believe me it is. The Daily Mail are running a story from the Harvard School of Public Health that scientists have shown that saturated fat aka Butter, lard, animal fat causes heart disease and that margarine is better for health. Here is what the Weston A Price Foundation says […]

washing with water

fresh, healthy skin

Healthy skin is designed to protect. This protection includes many functions. Healthy skin is women’s and more recently men’s vanity and most want to know how to make it smooth and glowing and healthy. The cosmetic industry has been built on this aspect. Since Egyptian times and earlier women have been fussing about their skin. […]

good food

good food

My book: Notes on CFS/ME: A Happier, Healthier Lifestyle now out on pdf has been written like a travel book to illustrate the differences to me from the totally disabling effects of CFS/ME to the euphoric effects of being well a few years later and how I did it. Some, and I was one of […]