Sun-beds and Organic Food

Two items of news today that have made me cross.

One – Sun-beds

I would like to know how the Scientists and Oncology experts arrived at their decision that Sun-beds cause cancer.  Who conducted the trials and what were they?  How do they test something like this?  What is the incidence of skin cancer to the salon where the sun-bed is and their clients?

When sun-beds first came out the rule was that no perfume or perfumed products should be worn before going on the sun-bed and if taking medication including the contraceptive pill then you were advised not to use the sun-bed.

Now all that seems to have been flouted.  Some sun-bed manufacturers even recommend putting on a cream or lotion to enhance the effects of the sun-bed! What utter folly!!

I think skin cancer is caused by the products or medication being taken and then going on the sun-bed or out in the sun.  Not the sun or sun-bed alone.

Two – Organic Food

The reason I select Organic Food is because I want to avoid synthetic chemicals used in foods including pesticides, hormone promotors, antibiotics, additives and soil and animal feeds.  For that reason they are healthier.  Period.  It isn’t rocket science, it is obvious.

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