Should we honest claimers of benefit who have been maligned sue the House of Commons?

Those very MPs who sit in the House of Commons who have week by week, month by month and year by year maligned innocent people who HAVE to claim benefits have cheated the system themselves with their fraudulent claims for expenses.

If I am found to be cheating the system I face prison and/or fines. All for a paltry sum of money when compared to the hundreds of thousands of pounds of fraudulently claimed expenses stolen from the Government by the MPs who set the rules about other peoples lives.

Most people who are forced to claim benefits through unfortunate circumstances and who are able to do some work also have to submit their earnings to the Department for Work and Pensions.

As I now earn a tiny smidgen more than the £20 a week threshold I have been put on a different Permitted Working Scheme which means the Department of Work and Pensions will allow me to earn up to £80 a week for ONE year.

After that I either lose my Benefits entirely or I have to reduce my earnings back to the £20 a week threshold.

I have ME/CFS and apart from the symptoms of muscle spasm, muscle cramp, nagging toothache pain in my back, neck and head, palpitations, lack of sleep at night, pools of sweat, low breathing, low pulse, near-death-like experiences, out of breath doing the simplest of tasks, lack of brain power, inability to speak or understand at times, inability to explain myself, stomach cramps, acid reflux and gut pain; I also suffer with all the symptoms getting very much worse when faced with negativity.

One aspect that has made me feel so ill is the guilt of claiming benefits and trying to keep myself sane by doing a little bit of work to also keep my hand in for the time when I hope to be 100% well.

One aspect that makes me feel better is being able to work a little. I am able to do about 5 hours of work a week but this is not every week or every day. I am self-employed which means that I sometimes have 5 hours a week to none whatsoever.

And all the time the TV was running advertising campaigns about Benefit Fraudsters and to name and shame them, the MPs who form the government who initiated the Department of Work and Pensions to issue the campaign have been cheating the public themselves.

I feel back to the Middle Ages, I feel like the young lad forced to steal an apple because he was hungry despite facing the very real possibility that he would have his hand chopped off for stealing. Not that I am cheating or stealing but being as honest as I can because I don’t want my hand chopped off or fined or put in prison.

What rule book allowed the MPs to immorally put a spin on the expenses system?

I think we need to change the Government system. I think that when any policies or white papers are agreed by the party in power they should be run past a Jury taken from the public in the same way a Jury is brought to sit on a trial before any motion or decision is made.

We need members of the public who are not paid or have any ulterior motive to also be part of the decision making Government.

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