River Exe Cafe

Floating …

Am I floating away on an exotic holiday to the South of Somewhere? Take a peep at this corner of wonder in the South of England with Good Food and Food I can eat! Look at the menu … and this is just the Mussel Bar! River Exe Mussel Bar Award winning Exmouth Mussels fresh […]

A cure for Obesity

So . . . do you think we can sue the manufacturers of suncreams for the obesity crises?  (and the increase of cancer, because Vitamin D helps cancer too, oh and allergies, in fact it is pretty essential.) Apparently low Vitamin D causes faster weight gain in children. And what have we had drummed into […]

Calcium and ME-CFS

Calcium and ME-CFS Update May 15th 2009 If you read the full research document towards the end of this article it shows that calcium supplements generally from rocks do not break down well in the body, and that it goes on to suggest that the effect of this lack of breakdown the paper says may […]