A cure for Obesity

So . . . do you think we can sue the manufacturers of suncreams for the obesity crises?  (and the increase of cancer, because Vitamin D helps cancer too, oh and allergies, in fact it is pretty essential.)

Apparently low Vitamin D causes faster weight gain in children.

And what have we had drummed into our brains like a Woodpecker looking for insects in a tree trunk?  Slap on the sunscreen.  In fact I am sure some mothers think there must be SunBurn Police about to pounce and prosecute if they are not using sunscreen.

Sun on our skin makes Vitamin D.

Sunscreen on our skin blocks the formation of Vitamin D.

What a completely insane world it is.  Science thinks it can make things better than nature and yet all the scientific unnatural products cause disease.

If you sit too close to a fire, you may scorch your skin, so don’t sit too close to the fire.

If your skin burns in the sunlight, cover it up with clothes.  10 minutes in the sun on 2 or 3 separate occasions in the same day will provide Vitamin D and 10 minutes most people can manage without burning unless you are a baby.

My babies didn’t wear suncream because there wasn’t any suitable at the time, and they didn’t burn either.  Why?  Because I used my brain and didn’t let them stay in the sun for long if at all when they were tiny.

It isn’t rocket science is it?  We don’t need rocket science either, just nice normal natural nature.

Here is the article: Low Vitamin D causes faster weight gain in children

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