The human side of being healthy …

My so called healthy lifestyle

There is absolutely no doubt that I am a healthy individual. I live a happier, healthier lifestyle now that my personal diet is established. I know what to eat and what to avoid and why. I exercise and, more importantly, stretch and am happy with where I am and what I am doing. I am happier and healthier and can work, run and more importantly play all the time.

‘Mum’ my son said, ‘if only your readers knew of your unhealthy lifestyle’ when during a recent visit, he saw me drinking freshly brewed coffee first thing in the morning instead of the hot water with lemon, which he drinks before his coffee brew.

I grinned. What to say? I had to agree. I was thinking ‘yep but with healthy lifestyle comes happiness too and there has to be a balance.’

One of the aspects that has been a complete calming influence on me and fighting CFS/ME is knowing why I feel unwell and what to do about it. If I felt in the need of more detoxing than my body naturally does, I will definitely drink more hot lemon juice. CFS/ME is a toxic condition of the body, as all diseases are and lemon juice is one way of encouraging the body to release the toxins.

Lemon juice first thing is a great way to get rid of rubbish in the body.

This is because lemon juice continues the work of magnesium and a protein carnitine (from red meat) that the body uses naturally to release toxins from the cells. Magnesium begins its work during the night and continues until the morning.

There is no doubt about the benefits of lemon juice with its Vitamin C content and the importance of that in the diet.

Caffeine also helps with detox as it blocks the anti-diuretic hormone – vasopressin, causing you to wee more and stimulating muscle contraction which can be helpful with the peristalsis action of the gut.

Caffeine comes with a warning.

Caffeine may not be a good thing and may cause wear and tear on the kidneys if you drink too much caffeine in the form of coffee, tea and chocolate and may cause heart palpitations as caffeine uses calcium and a lack of calcium and magnesium may cause palpitations. Which is why coffee is generally taken with milk as the calcium in the milk is used by caffeine rather than robbing calcium from the gut, muscle, teeth, hair and bones.

We do need education of what to eat and what to avoid, and to learn to stretch out certain muscle groups after every activity every day, but we also need to be relaxed and happy with our lifestyles and for me, it is one nice cup of coffee first thing in the morning and lemon juice later on in the day.

I drink my perfect brew of freshly ground organic coffee beans first thing in the morning as a kick start to my day and then I stop drinking it and continue on with hot water or cold water or hot water with lemon or hot water with loose peppermint leaves.

Then in the evening water in the form of ice cubes and some rum 😉 …

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