Butter is better

Butter is better!

Noooo not again!  Butter is better!  Believe me it is.

The Daily Mail are running a story from the Harvard School of Public Health that scientists have shown that saturated fat aka Butter, lard, animal fat causes heart disease and that margarine is better for health.

Here is what the Weston A Price Foundation says about the argument of saturated fats and health: Weston A Price Butter is better.

The question to ask is this: Who paid for this latest ‘scientific’ finding?  Big pharma, that make the drugs to reduce the symptoms of consuming margarine?  The low fat spread margarine companies?

Natural has to be best and everything in moderation.

Margarine, low fat spreads, refined vegetables oils are very bad for health and can be a cause of inflammatory diseases.  If you don’t fancy butter because of the poor scientific findings do not go for margarines or low fat spreads.  If you think that the scientific findings have a ring of truth then do eat plant oils but the unrefined ones.  Pour extra virgin olive on your toast.

Remember this Alzheimer and dementia is increasing.  One food that the brain is dependent on is DHA – a fat that is only found in animal fats.

While science tries to make health as complicated as rocket science, it isn’t.  Just choose totally natural, additive free food in moderation and you won’t go wrong.

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