Good food

Good Food instead of supplements

Find your vitamins and minerals in good food first before supplements.  However if you are allergic or intolerant to a food, you may have to take a supplement but most supplements are synthetic so look for real food supplements without fillers and binders.

Vitamin A – liver, eggs, butter, animal fat and beta-carotene (coverts to Vitamin A in the liver) from carrots, sweet potato and all deep yellow/orange veg.

Vitamin B complex – meat, grains including rice, bananas,

Vitamin C – fruit, citrus fruit, peppers

Vitamin D – animal fat, eggs and sunshine

Vitamin E – oils, fats

Vitamin F – omega fatty-acids from animals, fruits and plants

Vitamin K – cauliflower, broccoli

Sodium – sea-salt

Chloride – sea-salt

Calcium – should be in water but this can be very low in some areas, good quality mineral water, milk, cheese, yoghurt, fermented and roasted almonds, cashew nuts, sea-salt.

Magnesium – should be in water but this can be low in some areas, good quality mineral water, milk and milk products, fermented and roasted almonds, cashews nuts, sea-salt.

Phosphorus – in most foods, sea-salt

Potassium – bananas, celery, sea-salt

Protein – meat, milk, eggs, fermented and cooked pulses


Good Food is good quality kindly cared for animal meat including liver and fats, mineral water, organic as possible vegetables and fruits.

Poor food is: Sugar and non-fermented refined carbohydrates ie finely ground grains that have not been soaked.  Finely ground grains dissolve like sugar and over-tax the pancreas and liver and if not used as energy are stored in the arteries of the body as fat.

Where I buy my good food: Good food



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