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Food/chemical/mineral intolerance tests

In my book I have recommended either a hair analysis test or a blood test to ascertain your intolerance.

In my work as a Remedial Massage therapist I make the same recommendations.   This is because poor nutrition will affect the muscles and workings of the body.  I am not a Nutritionist and the testing companies will provide advice from a Nutritionist.

Unfortunately a hair analysis testing company I recommended to a client provided a bizarre list of items to avoid which caused him enormous dilemmas with what could be consumed and totally missed an intolerance that was causing him trouble.  I do not blame the company but the method of testing and perhaps those who interpret the results.  Hair analysis testing is a fine and exacting art and one nutritionist totally misinterpreted my results causing me to be very ill.

Allergy UK and others do wonder about the validity of the test results of hair and blood and advise exclusion diets.

There is no doubt that foods and chemicals upset the body causing illness these days more often than not.

According to Konstantin Monastyrski of the Fibre Menace – fibre upsets the gut.  Weston A Price foundation website carry many referenced and researched articles concerning the importance of fermenting grains.  Our gut cannot cope with the phytic acid from grains and not only should the harsh outer fiber be removed but the grains should be fermented (soaked) before consumption.  Fermentation breaks down the phytic acid.

Once the gut is upset it cannot digest foods fully and once that happens the immune system works to get rid of what it sees as a toxin.  And there you have the food intolerance reaction.

Allergies give immediate symptoms and can be dangerous as the body may go into shock.

However in my case once I stopped all the offending foods and chemicals I felt better.  When I made absolutely sure I was consuming good nutrients I felt even more well to such a degree now that I can consume some food I was intolerant to once a week.  It is thought it can take 2 years (+) to heal the body once the right nutrition, exercise and harmonic lifestyle is in place.

Now I wonder if it isn’t just the lack of fermenting foods that was the problem with my diet, but the chemicals now in foods that was also the cause.

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