Our daily bread – no wonder we get cancer …

As I have been saying one of the reasons I became ill is due in the main I feel to the foods I was eating.  Perhaps I wasn’t intolerant to wheat in bread but to the chemicals …

I expect you realise that bread has chemicals in it, sulphites for a start used as a preservative and bleaching agent.

Did you know that some breads can have up to 60 approved chemicals in?

Did you know that the common yeast used in bread is processed using Caustic Soda:

Shipton Mill:

“Molasses, a cheap by-product of sugar production, has been used in yeast production since the grain shortages of World War I and is a far cry from the malted barley of the past. Conventional yeast production utilises chemical nitrogen sources such as ammonia, ammonium salts and lyes [my insert: caustic soda], plus a variety of acids (including sulphuric acid), synthetic vitamins and growth substances. Conventional yeast requires several rinsing stages after fermentation, to remove unpleasant tastes and odours. The resulting wastewater is heavily contaminated and requires complex purification processing.”

Yum yum don’t you just love that chemical taste …

Our Civilisation:

“There are approximately 60 approved chemicals used in the making of flour and bread. Although no single manufacture uses all 60 additives … “

The Soil and Health: Nutritional Characteristics of organic, freshly stone ground, sourdough & conventional breads by Campbell, Hauser and Hill,

  “Today’s milling, refining, bleaching, enriching, and addition of various chemicals to flour and baked breads cause many scientists and medical workers to question their nutritional quality as well as their safety. There is little information on what bleaching and maturing agents do to the flour other than meet bakers’ criteria, and toxicology tests may not realistically assess the dangers, since chemicals are tested separately.”

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