Chemicals are making me ill

I’ve just been suffering from illness which upsets me physically and mentally.
Physically I ache and feel tired and lacking in get up and go.
Mentally I can’t think straight to organise myself even to get pain-killers.
I know precisely what has caused it.

No, it is not a re-occurance of CFS/ME.
No, it is not a virus.
No, it is not a bacteria or infection.

It is chemical toxicity.

Chemical toxicity is a fundamental modern disease and causing many, many ill-health issues.
For me it is annoying because I know how to avoid it and stay very well but I succumbed to a take-away meal at the weekend.

In the past:
We have evolved from eating naturally reared chemical free animals, fruits and vegetables.
We have stored and dried things without any additives.
We have lived happily in our small houses with our small plots of land, growing vegetables and rearing our pig and chickens and possibly a cow.
On average we lived our 3 score years and 10.
We may have been unhealthy and lived reduced lives through lack of hygiene and education.
Now today:
We have modernism and 21th century technologies and feel we are so advanced.  We also have multi-facted diseases of every hue and colour.
We live long and unhealthily, often I think being kept alive (preserved with all the chemicals and symptoms combated by medication) beyond our sell-by date unhappily in an arm-chair because we can’t move and alone because there is no family to help.
We have nice latin names for these diseases to make them sound profound and real.  Fibromyalgia – imagine being given that as to why you are ill.  Auto-immune disease – argh – nightmare!  (What is it actually?)
Fibromyalgia means pain in the muscles.  Which does not explain the aches and pains of this horrible condition.  However when you realise that food intolerances also causes inflammation therefore pain and aches and pains – maybe poor food is the cause?
Auto-immune disease means that the immune system is on automatic fighting ‘something’ all the time.  When you realise that food intolerance can cause the immune system to do this – maybe poor food is the cause?

I do not believe it is the food causing intolerance or allergies but the chemicals used in growing and processing it, we need to avoid the chemicals not the food.

There are over 12,000 chemicals used in our food, nitrosamines can cause cancer.  Organic foods are permitted to contain some chemicals.  If you don’t smoke you may think you don’t consume nitrosamines – you do if you eat cured meat products because sodium nitrite is a nitrosamine.


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