10 Facts To Cure CFS/M.E

1. What does M.E mean? M.E. stands for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Encephalomyelitis means inflammation of the brain. Myalgic means muscle pain. There is no scientific evidence that shows that there is inflammation of the brain and so the NHS and GPs refer to this condition as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The diagnosis gives the sufferer no information […]

fats and oils

Fats and oils

Fats and Oils The evidence is clear – eat animal fats for health! Animal fats and oils have been an essential aspect to my wellness and what follows is why. This is a controversial subject as the majority of people think dietary fat is bad news as far as health is concerned, so I have […]

CFS/ME Update

It is a while since I updated my getting-better-from-CFS/ME situation. So here it is.  An update. I would confidently say I am 80% well from CFS/ME. Those who know me would probably say that I get CFS/ME back from time to time, like I have a cold and the symptoms have returned. However from my […]