A Happier, Healthier Lifestyle

Notes on CFS/ME: A Happier, Healthier Lifestyle

The Book on how I got well from CFS/ME is now available as a pdf file and also in the itunes library as an ibook.

Email me here for more information: My Book

Note: In the book I recommend a food intolerance test.  I now cannot recommend the hair analysis test Test Your Intolerance.  According to Allergy UK it is best to do an exclusion diet for intolerance.  For allergies, foods or items that give you immediate reactions/symptoms see your GP.

4 thoughts on “Notes on CFS/ME: A Happier, Healthier Lifestyle

  1. I read your article in my local CFS/ME magazine. As an ME sufferer I am always looking for new ways to conquer the illness. I have two issues with your article.

    The first, is your obvious dislike of science. From the start you talk about “science isn’t always right”. Science has and will enhance our lives greatly. Science and medicine is the reason we live longer than we ever have before. It’s worth noting that ‘alternative medicine’ that has been proven to work is just called ‘medicine’.

    The second, is your constant referring to eating animals. As a nutritionist I’m sure you’re aware that vegetarianism is a very healthy lifestyle. I have been a vegetarian for 25 years and have only had ME four or five years. It would be nice for you to consider the many vegetarians that may read your article. Of course, when I say vegetarian, I mean all meat (including fish and poultry).

    You will get a lot more respect from sufferers like myself once you consider the points I’ve made here.

    • Hi Ian
      Thank you for taking the trouble to share your thoughts.

      I need to point out to you that the article in the MESIG magazine said I was a Nutritionist. I have asked them to print a retraction because I have never said I am a Nutritionist and I am not. However many Nutritionists advocate a meat eating diet.

      Everything I have stated in the article and in the book now out on pdf has been cited and referenced. Konstantin Monastyrsky who wrote the book The Fibre Menace would totally disagree with you that vegetarianism is healthy.

      I am not looking for respect from fellow sufferers, the article in the MESIG magazine and my book is about what has helped me to wellness it is up to the individual to read the book and decide for themselves the way they would prefer to go.

      To quote a scientist Dr T Campbell PhD (whose book The China Study got a thumbs down review by The Weston A Price Foundation’s Chris Masterjohn for the book being selective, generalised and biased) T Campbell says himself in his book The China Study 2004 P.38 “Proof in science is elusive. Research into health is inherently statistical. When you throw a ball into the air, will it come down? Yes, every time. If you smoke 4 packs a day will you get cancer? The answer is maybe.”
      Your observation of my character and suggesting ‘my obvious dislike of science’ couldn’t be more wrong. I actually love science but know there are good scientists and poor ones.
      The thinking that we as humans should be eating animals and animal products for our health is not mine but comes from scientific studies that can be found on the Weston A Price Foundation website where they hold many papers and reviews on the subject.
      However I can’t help but make this observation – I am well and you still have ME.

  2. And I can’t help but make this observation – You are patronising. You don’t have evidence that your diet helped your ME any more than irrational belief in praying for an imaginary God put a cancer patient into remission. This is where scientific method and peer review is vital. Show me the studies and the evidence for your claims and I will be more interested.

  3. I did not mean to show a sense of superiority. It was tongue in cheek – I am well from CFS/ME because of the 3 aspects I have written about in my book and you still have ME.
    The science from the peer reviews I have read and referenced demonstrates that what has helped me does indeed help the body so you may find the science and the peer reviews documented in my book interesting – why don’t you read it?

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