CFS/ME Update

It is a while since I updated my getting-better-from-CFS/ME situation.

So here it is.  An update.

I would confidently say I am 80% well from CFS/ME.

Those who know me would probably say that I get CFS/ME back from time to time, like I have a cold and the symptoms have returned.

However from my own point of view my illness whether you call it CFS/ME, ME, CFS or Fibromyalgia is all caused by food intolerances.

I think that my immune-system is shot to pieces which is why I react more to certain food groups than others would because of the way that foods are manufactured: which means that my food is limited further.

I can only eat fresh meat, fish, fresh cold-pressed oils, fresh vegetables and fruits.  The only flour I can eat is from brown rice.  I cannot eat rice cakes (praise the lord!).  I have to make all my own pies, cakes, biscuits and pancakes.

This isn’t such a bad diet, just time consuming and anti-social.

When my diet is pure I am very well indeed, thank you!

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