Greek Debt and China

China offers to buy Greek debt

This is dodgy.  Don’t you think?

Stop worrying about nuclear war, or any war, being taken over by stealth is the issue now.

Centuries ago, the concern was thousands of soldiers plundering and fighting under the authority of a Roman Emperor (Constantine) or a Greek Commander (Alexander) or any other group of people who simply wanted the land and had enough muscle power to take it.  The war strategy worked on the country’s weakness, in these cases not enough muscle power, not enough good communication between tribes or little or no ammunition.

Now it would appear that financial weaknesses are worked on and China has seen a gap in the market.

The Chinese as a people are no doubt very lovely people.  But as an Authority over me?  As a Ruler of Europe? Hmmm . . . not for me.

So Politicians what strategies do you really have to stop China getting a hold in Europe?

A way of getting rid of the debt crisis is very simple.  Cancel it.

If everyone stopped calling in their loans.  There would be no debt crisis.

But man is too greedy and wants its money back.  The trillionnaire who cancelled the debts owed to him would still have millions.  But the man who had thousands would be reduced to hundreds and it is that man who would probably not cancel the debt owed to him.  And that is why we have the debt crisis and the threat of China taking over Europe because they won’t stop at Greece.  Ireland has a nice big fat deficit now doesn’t it?

So stop moaning Greece about the cuts, stop moaning UK about the Spending Analysis about to take place.  Each country must tighten its’ belts and cope or we face being taken over by stealth.

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