natural painkillers

Addicted to painkillers

Painkillers -How does someone become addicted? Medication including painkillers, depletes the body of magnesium. Other things like caffeine, alcohol and fizzy drinks also deplete the body of magnesium. Magnesium is also lacking in our food supply because the soil is depleted. Depleted magnesium levels in the body cause among other things, muscle pain from spasms […]

celtic sea salt

Salt is essential for life, lack of salt causes death

The dire consequences of not eating salt When the government, through the Food Standard Agency, decided to issue guidelines to reduce the public’s intake of salt, they started a roller coaster of tragic ill-health issues.  People are 5 times more likely to die from a lack of salt a study revealed. It was an incredible statement for […]

The Food of gods

Chocolate is a bad, toxic, poisonous food?

Chocolate – poisonous, toxic; a good or bad food? Chocolate, cocoa powder, raw cocoa powder, drinking chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, whichever type you choose, all contain two nasty toxins. One is theobromine and the other is phytic acid. Even white chocolate which only contains the cocoa fat and milk will have some theobromine although […]