Pancake day – gluten, dairy, soya free recipe!

Pancake day …

… is here, a gluten and dairy free pancake! All gluten and dairy free people can enjoy pancakes once more.

My Gluten and Dairy free recipe:

2 ounces of organic brown rice flour (preferably fermented the day before)

1 pinch of celtic sea salt

Evian water

1 free range egg

Fermenting brown rice flour

Cover 2 ounces of organic brown rice flour with evian water, cover with cling wrap and store in fridge for 12 hours.  When ready to use, pour off the excess water into another container and keep for the next batch of fermentation).


Cover 2 ounces of organic brown rice flour with Evian water. (or use the fermented brown rice flour)

Add a pinch of celtic sea salt

Beat in one egg.

Pour extra virgin olive oil into a frying pan and heat.  Pour off the excess.

Pour in the thoroughly mixed pancake mixture in ever decreasing circular motion until the fry pan is nearly covered and then move the pan to take the mixture to the sides.

Cook thoroughly initially on a high heat and turn down when cooking starts to a medium heat.  This pancake may not flip as well as a wheat one as it needs to be thoroughly cooked on one side to keep it together, so I use tongs to turn it to cook the other side.

Move to a plate with paper towel and pour in the rest of the mixture.


Add chopped bananas, raspberries and chopped nuts, squeeze of lemon juice and drizzle honey.


Mixture should make 4 small pancakes or 2 larger ones.  Size of pancake depends on the pan used.

Do not substitute the Evian water for almond milk as the pancake will burn.


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