AIDS truth exposed

A film is currently being made including an interview with Dr Luc Montagnier, the Nobel Prize-winning co-discoverer of the AIDS virus who explained to Brent Leung the interviewer that AIDS can be overcome with nutrition and that the vaccine approach is entirely overblown.

The film will be called: House of Numbers.

The transcript of the interview can be found here: Article about the Interview by Brent Leung

The uncut version of the interview can be found here: Uncut film of the Interview with Dr Luc Montagnier

Natural News is an internet newspaper revealing what the Natural News Ranger Mike Adams calls truths.  In particular his main thrust is against the Big Pharma as he calls the pharmaceutical industry.  Mostly I am in agreement with him.  The pharmaceutical industry does appear to be all about money and I can quite believe that disease is created or encouraged so that drugs can be made and sold.

Just now as I type on the local news HIV has increased in our area.

Brent Leung is being attacked in the media for this interview and his film.  No surprise there.

Read the link and then watch the You Tube clip.  This truth needs much air time.

This next has been copied and pasted from the comments left on the You Tube clip of the interview by Annie46664:

Where was Montagnier when Dr. Matthias Rath was here in South Africa, giving FREE nutritional advice & loads of free supplements to the poor & victims of this mess & huge LIE, & needed support in his valid & valuable ‘nutritional theory’, to avoid prosecution for supposedly spreading lies & incorrectly advising the people & even being accused of causing deaths?
Also, where was he when Thabo Mbeki was being ridiculed by the entire world for being the only head of any country to tell the TRUTH?
Thanks for uploading Mike! However, it would help tremendously, if you just included under INFO that this is Dr. Luc Montagnier & something brief on the role that he played in this holocaust.
That smile on his face makes my blood boil! Whilst he, Robert Gallo & their cohorts have raked in MILLION$ as a direct result of this $CAM, they have also caused 100’s of thousands of totally unnecessary deaths & orphaned even more innocent babies & children. Grrrr 🙁
It’s all too sickening for words.

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