Another email scam

Today I received an email supposedly from Amazon, telling me to click on a link to update my details with Amazon about my account or I’d lose it. (So what if I do, I think to myself?)

Why I am suspicious:
The ‘To:’ field had email addresses in it all with a similar address to my own. (Normal advertising Amazon emails contain only my address)

The email suspiciously looking like a bona fide Amazon email, wasn’t quite ‘right’. Then to confirm my suspicions there was a spelling mistake, which doesn’t necessarily mean anything but it made it more odd.

I am not aware of having an account with Amazon and if I did couldn’t care less if it needed updating – it is their loss not mine.

I think that this was a scam email and it does no harm to delete it and if in doubt ask Amazon themselves through their own website not through the scam email.

Never respond to emails like this and always delete them off your system.

You probably know all this anyway and I apologise for wasting your time. However please feel free to forward on to any parties who may be interested.

One thought on “Another email scam

  1. Jamie sent this email to me

    hi Marianne,

    thanks for the warning, ive had a few e-mails like this in the past. the
    best way to be safe is to never access a website via an e-mail link!!! that
    way you can be sure your dealing with the official site. anouther
    interesting thing is that if you do access a bogus site you will find that
    loads of the links from that site dont work…….only the ones that they
    want you to use!!!!!!


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