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Important News

A very important deadline is coming up: 20th October 2006. This day will mark the end of the government’s consultation on the introduction of commercially grown GM crops. After that date all contributions to the consultation will be considered and a decision made. The proposal is to allow a toleration level of 0.9% GM contamination of the conventional and organic food industry. They call this ‘coexistence’.

The decision, if proposals are agreed, would definitely allow GM crops to be grown commercially in the UK. No further hurdles, no more rounds, this is it.

It’s time to make your voice heard.

You can contribute to the consultation by writing to DEFRA at:

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

GM Policy Team

Zone 4/E5

Ashdown House

123 Victoria Street

London SW1E 6DE

Or Defra GM Co-existence email

You need to say that you are responding to the ‘Consultation on proposals for managing the coexistence of GM, conventional and organic crops’. It doesn’t have to be a long letter – just a note expressing your opinion could make a lot of difference. Every letter received counts as representing the opinions of thousands who do not write. If you write, you too will represent thousands of others and make the total voice much louder. More information on the issue is available at Stop Contamination and Defra

Please find a moment to make your contribution and to help preserve both the organic industry and freedom of choice.

Don’t have time to write?

Visit Stop Contamination – it will only take a minute.

Many thanks, and please pass this on to anyone who can help.

Nicki Greenham
The UK Support Group for Multiple Chemical and Food Intolerance • 56 Gaping Lane, Hitchin, Herts. SG5 2JE (UK)

Chemical Free Email

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