Are Saturated Fats really so bad?

What are Saturated Fats?

The FSA (Food Standards Agency) want (excuse me?) the nation to eat less saturated fat.

However I think we are being mislead.

Are animal derived fats so bad for you regardless of them being saturated?

There are some really bad fats around whether they are saturated or not is not the problem.

The really bad fats are the unnatural ones.

What makes bad fats unnatural? The REFINING processes.

Refined Fats are:

  • Vegetable oils used for cooking.
  • Margarine
  • Soft spreads
  • Fat formed in the body from the breaking down processes of sugar and finely ground grains without the husk – white flour, that has not been used as energy. This fat makes a lot of bad cholesterol and is stored as such in various places around the body including the arteries.

These are poison to the body.

They can also cause all sorts of hormonal disturbances and it is these hormonal unbalances that can cause heart disease, arthritis and other organ disfunction.

Our bodies need the fats from animals, fish and plants.
Coconut is full of saturated fat but there is documented evidence that this fat is very good for the body and can help with the thyroid.

The bile duct that digests fats needs fat to operate.

The Skin needs good fat for health but also to absorb the rays of the sun to produce Vitamin D.

The FSA, Nanny government and Media are making us so ill with their ‘health?’ advice.

Every piece of ‘health?’ advice given out by the Governement seems to have flaws in it.

The Government would prefer us to eat unnatural or refined products than natural food.

Eat naturally and in moderation and you will be well.

Just for the record:

Sausages and processed meats are bad because of the unnatural way of curing them, with sodium nitrate which causes cancer. Spanish jamon is cured naturally and doesn’t (normally) contain any nasty preservatives.

Sausages and bacon are normally cooked using Vegetable Oil which has been through a refining process.

The processed meat from ham to bacon to sausages having been cooked in nasty refined oil is then eaten with bread made from highly refined white flour with a lavish spreading of ghastly margarine.

No wonder the nation is so unhealthy!

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