Ha! I told you so! 🙂 🙂

I have been telling everyone for YEARS that eggs are GOOD for you!

So eat eggs!

Good points about eggs:

  • Easily digestible
  • Contain Omega 3 fats
  • Contain Vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin (as does all animal fat)
  • Contain 1st Class proteins, so make a good breakfast in the mornings and quick easy meals.

Natural unadulterated fat is very good for the body whether it is from eggs or animals or birds or fish or cold-pressed seeds.

The bad press about fat is from the government who should know better.

The bad press about animals is from vegans who maintain they are healthier because they don’t eat anything from animals. Although many vegans suffer from anaemia because they are not getting the Vitamin B12 from animals that helps absorb iron.

My personal opinion is that it is difficult to compare because meat eaters tend to eat poor quality foods too like all the refined varieties mentioned in the article: Are Saturated Fats Really So Bad

To really judge if a vegan diet is better than a meat/vegetable/fruit diet, a team of people eating only good quality unrefined fats, oils, meat, veg, grain, nuts, seeds and fruit would need to be found and eating that high quality of foods for some time before any true judgements can be made.

I do prefer veg and fruit to meat and starches but if I haven’t had meat for a few days I do feel the need of it. I think that proteins called First Class Proteins are VITAL and First Class Proteins are only found in: Animals, Birds, Fish, Eggs and Dairy products.

More about Good Fats: Confused about Omega Oils

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